isabela (hellodeer) wrote in 1directionbang,

One Direction Big Bang - Story 6 - the space between the sky and the streets

Author: hellodeer
Title: the space between the sky and the streets
Word length: 15054
Pairing(s): Harry/Louis, side Niall/Liam
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): none really
Summary: The X Circus has a new show, and there are no dancers in it but for Harry and Louis, who dance ballet and samba and tango around each other. They swing on the trapeze and jump on trampolines onstage, get too close and not close enough offstage. When they go on tour all they do is carry their feelings around different places, and things don't really change, except for how they do.

part 1 part 2
Tags: !posting:big bang, genre:romance, pairing:harry/louis
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