Lucy (spibsy) wrote in 1directionbang,

One Direction Big Bang - Story 6 - Crawl Into My Atmosphere

Author: spibsy
Title: Crawl Into Your Atmosphere
Pairing: Niall/Zayn (main), Louis/Harry, unrequited!Liam/Louis, mentions of Liam/Niall and Matt/Aiden
Word length: 39,942.
Warnings: Nope!
Summary: Niall doesn't see it coming. Zayn's on the football team. Niall's in marching band. This isn't supposed to happen, except... then it does.

masterpost on livejournal! | on ao3! | art by fuzzlol! (coming soon)
Tags: !posting:big bang, pairing:harry/louis, pairing:liam/louis
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