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Promise Not To Stop When I Say When

Title: Promise Not To Stop When I Say When
Authors: beckaandzac and mediaville
Artist: elvira_was_here
Pairings: Harry/Louis endgame, but also Louis/Niall, Louis/Nick, Harry/Nick, Harry/Louis/Nick
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 49k
Notes and Warnings: Angst, drug use (marijuana), sex while under the influence of drugs/alcohol, barebacking.
Disclaimer: None of this actually happened.
Summary: When Louis breaks up with Eleanor, Nick Grimshaw suggests that Louis join him and Harry in a threesome to distract him, and Louis is drawn back into a physical relationship with Harry that he'd written off as childish experimentation. The intensity of his feelings confuses him, as his boundaries bend and then break, and even Nick can see that Harry and Louis's relationship is more than a typical friends-with-benefits arrangement. Eventually, and with Niall's help, Louis realizes that what he really wants is Harry all to himself.

Read the fic on AO3!
Check out the art here!
Tags: genre:angst, pairing:harry/louis, rating:nc-17
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