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ONE DIRECTION: Big Bang Art for "You Just Keep On Trying (Until You Run Out of Cake)" by Reili!

Story Information:
Author: kisforkurama
Title: you just keep on trying (until you run out of cake)
Word length: 15484
Pairing(s): OT5 & Maiden
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): None.
Summary: Why would a bakery have a fandom? Because the bakery is staffed by 5 really pretty boys and it also serves really good pastries. Why would a bakery have a Naked Server Night? Because . . . the bakery is staffed by 5 really pretty boys and the proceeds are going to a charity?

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What I thought was really interesting about Reili's story is that it was a lot more than your usual bakery AU -- instead of just transplanting the One Direction boys to a bakery, it transplanted their entire FANDOM to a bakery, too! I loved the element of "bakery fandom" (because it reminded me of people fangirling for Adriano Zumbo's pastries or Sprinkles cupcakes or Laduree macarons!) and I wanted to try to make a fanmix from within that alternate universe where One Direction is a patisserie and I was one of the fans in the storyverse. :)

So then I thought... how WOULD you make fanworks for a bakery?

it's easy as pie )
Tags: !posting:big bang, author:kisforkurama, genre:romance, pairing:ot5, rating:pg-15
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