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One Direction Big Bang - Story 4 - Toska

Author: baratheons
Title: Toska
Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, mentions of Louis Tomlison/Caroline Flack
Word length: 27, 695
Warnings: Swearing, unrequited feelings, slight homophobia and one sex scene with some other sexy stuff floating around. I'm sorry, this story is really quite vanilla.
Summary: My summary for the check in was huge, so condensed version - Louis Tomlinson is the Earl of Dalkeith and Harry Styles is the Earl of Burlington. Louis's grandmother is pushing for an arranged marriage to Caroline Seymour (see what I did there?) and Louis is not only completely uninterested but completely gay. So, his best mate (and unrequited love of his life) Harry posits that there will be a marriage, but between them instead. Hijinks and lots of feels~ ensue. Thanks to my betas, thanks to my artist who did a brilliant job and thanks to everyone else who helped me in some way!

You can read this story, and view the accompanying art, at AO3 here.
Tags: !posting:big bang, author:baratheons, genre:romance, pairing:harry/louis, rating:nc-17
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