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New harry/louis big bang fic posted!!

Title - Every Arrow That I Aim Is True
Pairing - Harry/Louis
Rating - Explicit
Word Count - ~25k
Summary -

“I can see you don’t believe me,” Harry says, pretending to be stern. Louis chuckles a little but doesn’t get out of the bed. “Anyway, I texted Liam and told him you’re with me. He said to stay here as long as you need, and he’ll deal with the show over there until you want to come back, all right?”

Louis doesn’t say anything again so Harry whispers, “Just stay here with me for a while, yeah? I’ll take care of you.”

Louis is quiet. He never picks his head up, but Harry can see the pillow move from where he’s nodding and his fingers tighten around Harry’s. “Yeah,” Louis says. “Yeah, all right.”

Warnings for: schmoop, futurefic, harry loving louis, louis loving harry, harry and louis kissing on porch swings, lots of feelings, more schmoop, and the obligatory scene of louis holding a wee baby in his arms.

Please see the fic for full author notes, beta credits, and also the link to the amazing music mix made by idctbqh!!

Read the fic here:

22 February 2013 @ 08:11 pm
Title: Promise Not To Stop When I Say When
Authors: beckaandzac and mediaville
Artist: elvira_was_here
Pairings: Harry/Louis endgame, but also Louis/Niall, Louis/Nick, Harry/Nick, Harry/Louis/Nick
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 49k
Notes and Warnings: Angst, drug use (marijuana), sex while under the influence of drugs/alcohol, barebacking.
Disclaimer: None of this actually happened.
Summary: When Louis breaks up with Eleanor, Nick Grimshaw suggests that Louis join him and Harry in a threesome to distract him, and Louis is drawn back into a physical relationship with Harry that he'd written off as childish experimentation. The intensity of his feelings confuses him, as his boundaries bend and then break, and even Nick can see that Harry and Louis's relationship is more than a typical friends-with-benefits arrangement. Eventually, and with Niall's help, Louis realizes that what he really wants is Harry all to himself.

Read the fic on AO3!
Check out the art here!
08 February 2013 @ 08:00 pm
"HARRY WILL YOU JUST FUCKING LISTEN TO ME" I pleaded with my curly haired husband.

"Louis your not understanding I only want what's best for you and our little nuggets" Harry tried to reason.


"Boo bear... Baby please just calm down all this stress and yelling can't be good for the twins. Just sit down and relax."

"DAMNIT HARRY LISTEN TO ME! I'm perfectly fine getting myself a fucking glass of water dammit!!!"

Harry's eyes softened apologetically.

"You know what boo bear, your a hundred precent right. It's just your so close to poppin' any time now I just feel....I don't know, I just don't want to take any chances." Harry stated

"Haz I know your worried but ...just relax. You being tense doesn't help relieve any of my stress, it just makes me tense."

I then made my way in to the kitchen, and just at I reached up to the second shelf to grab my self a glass I felt I sharp pain in my lower abdomen and then I felt water begin to pool around my feet. Then a hard contraction hit and before I knew it Harry was carrying me to the car.

*At The Hospital(20 minutes later)*

"Ok Louis your fully dilated and ready to go alright so I'm going to count up to 3 and when I say 3 I want you to push as hard as you can." Said Dr. Rowels

I nodded furiously.

*10 minutes later*


Harry flinched at Louis's tone but still kept a nonchalant mellow tone and spoke gently to Louis to try and calm him.

"Lou baby just think in a matter of minutes we will be fathers and it will all be worth it."

"Okay Louis give me one more push and we will have one baby." Stated Dr.Rowels

"Hear that Lou?"

"Get ready"




And just like that louis heard joyful cheers and a baby crying. And all he could do was sigh with a bit of relief but then Louis remembered twins....that means another one.

"Okay Louis the next one is ready ok you know the drill on 3."


Harry was ecstatic


This was it.



and just like that Harry and Louis were parents to a pair of beautiful new born babies. One Boy and One girl.

Masson Gabriel Styles
born on March 5, 2012
11:56 P.M
9 pounds 7 ounces
18 inches.

& Was soon followed 7 minutes later by his sister.

Kennedy Marie Styles
Born March 6, 2012
12:03 A.M
At just 8 pounds 6 ounces
17 inches

* The Next Morning*

"Hazza I can't believe it. Aren't they just the most perfect babies you you've ever layed your eyes on."

"Yeah Lou. I can't believe we created them. I can't believe they belong to us."

"I know it's just now all so surreal."

The two boys looked up when they herd a knock at the door to see a nurse entering the room and telling them the words they've been just longing to hear.

"Your all set. You and the babies can go home when ever your ready."

The boys began to dress each baby in their outfits ready to take them home.

While getting ready to pull out of the parking lot. Harry looked in the back seat of the car and said

"And this is where our life as a fully completed family begins. And I wouldn't change a damn thing about any of it."

With those words he leaned back peck Louis on the lips and began to drive off to their flat.
♠ ♠ ♠
A/N: I Dont know if anyone is actually going to read this. Or If I should continue with this story. If you do like this story please comment and let me know if I should continue or tell me about how horrible nit is and how i can fix it either way please comment
Current Music: I Like That - Before You Exit
Author: spibsy
Title: Crawl Into Your Atmosphere
Pairing: Niall/Zayn (main), Louis/Harry, unrequited!Liam/Louis, mentions of Liam/Niall and Matt/Aiden
Word length: 39,942.
Warnings: Nope!
Summary: Niall doesn't see it coming. Zayn's on the football team. Niall's in marching band. This isn't supposed to happen, except... then it does.

masterpost on livejournal! | on ao3! | art by fuzzlol! (coming soon)
Author: hellodeer
Title: the space between the sky and the streets
Word length: 15054
Pairing(s): Harry/Louis, side Niall/Liam
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): none really
Summary: The X Circus has a new show, and there are no dancers in it but for Harry and Louis, who dance ballet and samba and tango around each other. They swing on the trapeze and jump on trampolines onstage, get too close and not close enough offstage. When they go on tour all they do is carry their feelings around different places, and things don't really change, except for how they do.

part 1 part 2
20 June 2012 @ 07:03 pm
Author: baratheons
Title: Toska
Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, mentions of Louis Tomlison/Caroline Flack
Word length: 27, 695
Warnings: Swearing, unrequited feelings, slight homophobia and one sex scene with some other sexy stuff floating around. I'm sorry, this story is really quite vanilla.
Summary: My summary for the check in was huge, so condensed version - Louis Tomlinson is the Earl of Dalkeith and Harry Styles is the Earl of Burlington. Louis's grandmother is pushing for an arranged marriage to Caroline Seymour (see what I did there?) and Louis is not only completely uninterested but completely gay. So, his best mate (and unrequited love of his life) Harry posits that there will be a marriage, but between them instead. Hijinks and lots of feels~ ensue. Thanks to my betas, thanks to my artist who did a brilliant job and thanks to everyone else who helped me in some way!

You can read this story, and view the accompanying art, at AO3 here.
Story Information:
Author: kisforkurama
Title: you just keep on trying (until you run out of cake)
Word length: 15484
Pairing(s): OT5 & Maiden
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): None.
Summary: Why would a bakery have a fandom? Because the bakery is staffed by 5 really pretty boys and it also serves really good pastries. Why would a bakery have a Naked Server Night? Because . . . the bakery is staffed by 5 really pretty boys and the proceeds are going to a charity?

on lj | on dw
What I thought was really interesting about Reili's story is that it was a lot more than your usual bakery AU -- instead of just transplanting the One Direction boys to a bakery, it transplanted their entire FANDOM to a bakery, too! I loved the element of "bakery fandom" (because it reminded me of people fangirling for Adriano Zumbo's pastries or Sprinkles cupcakes or Laduree macarons!) and I wanted to try to make a fanmix from within that alternate universe where One Direction is a patisserie and I was one of the fans in the storyverse. :)

So then I thought... how WOULD you make fanworks for a bakery?

it's easy as pie )
Author: kisforkurama
Title: you just keep on trying (until you run out of cake)
Word length: 15484
Pairing(s): OT5 & Maiden
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): None.
Summary: Why would a bakery have a fandom? Because the bakery is staffed by 5 really pretty boys and it also serves really good pastries. Why would a bakery have a Naked Server Night? Because . . . the bakery is staffed by 5 really pretty boys and the proceeds are going to a charity?

on lj | on dw | check the awesome art out